Fresh Fanatic, A Definite Plus

I’ve always said the one bad thing about living in this area was the lack of grocery stores.

Fresh Fanatic To The Rescue

  • They provide butcher service, sell Murray’s Chicken, stock fancy cheese
    and offer fresh baked bread.
  • Their prices seem reasonable.
  • The manager said we can make requests.
  • They are only 10 blocks from our house. I can walk there and haul the Grannie cart home,
    no sweat.
  • The B61 stops a few steps from their main entrance.
  • They are open until 9pm.
  • Fresh Fanatic is far enough from the school on Park & N Oxford that they will not be overrun
    with kiddies buying 25 cent packs of chips.
  • No 40’s, blunts or 25 cent packs of chips!

Fresh Fanatic Opens August 4th

PS this store actually had their grand opening on August 18th. I am sorry if this post inconvenienced anybody.

freshfanatic's logo
Long, long time the dark side of Park Ave in Fort Greene, BKLYN has decidedly not been a happening part of town. Oh sure you could hike it to Myrtle or Jay st and find all sorts of nice things like restaurants,bars and shops and you could always get your nails done. But the rainy,icy,blazing hot days when you could not face the walk you were stuck with whatever you could scrounge up closer to home. Washington Ave (only 10 blocks from my house) seemed like the only side street interested in providing to the amenity starved residents. Although these always fell a bit short. The dubious worth of RePop lurking a few doors beyond the tastiness of Mojitoes(Kitchen Nightmares recently filmed there,though so the tastiness must have dropped off somewhat. ) And Il Porto. Pizza. A bit of a yawn.

So apart from booking a massage or eating or buying a Vespa this is just one of those areas you find yourself walking past while going somewhere else.

Then TA DA! Fresh Fanatic. I first spotted their sign in May or June-ish. My BF’s bro who lives across the st., said it was going to be a Fresh Direct supermarket. But we take whatever he says with a grain of salt. Turns out it is going to be some sort of supermarket something this drugfront bodega laden (a couple of 40’s and a strawberry flavored blunt and a pack of chips are not groceries) area could use. Maybe I can soon buy a green pepper and a carton of eggs without inconveniencing the mustachioed lady proprietor of my corner store? Yes, August 4th, the Grand Opening of Fresh Fanatic! Lets just hope the store will have more in it than its website does.
Fingers crossed.

A Brooklyn Mystery

One early weekend morning not too long ago, I forced the mans to walk with me to Trader Joe’s. Upon approaching the former bank building we saw a horrifying sight! Masses of people were lined up all the way to the new (ish) Urban Outfitters! And here I thought I had been so clever making an early run to the usually afternoon-thronged store as most TJ shoppers are lazy curs who all seem to want to shop the same times as I do. How dare they. TJs should sell memberships for private shopping hours so that the very very delicate should not have to suffer the propinquity of the hoi polloi.

Getting across the street we noticed that the long line of patient wait-ers were not interested in gaining access to Trader Joe’s at all. What they wanted was in the middle of the street, down a manhole. What was down there? I’d heard of urban spelunking, perhaps that was what it was all about? But the people in the line did not look especially rugged or risk-takey and the urban spelunkers crowd I’d seen a photograph of seem intensely rugged and risk-takey.

A Mystery no longer.
What they all wanted was a tour of the old Atlantic Avenue Subway.
If you want to know more go here.
And if you do not want to have to get in a small hole to see something old go here

I have done my job.

140 Year Old 20 lb Lobster


See the video
Thank you Brooklyn Paper!

Who: Craig the lobster & the owners of the restaurant.
What: A 20 pound lobster gets returned to the sea by PETA.
Where: The Halu Japanese restaurant on 13th Avenue, Dyker Heights, Brooklyn.
When: Today, Tuesday February 17th.

Why: Because if you make it to 140 years you don’t deserve to be boiled alive and eaten with clarified butter and garlic…or do you?
I wonder how much a 20 pound lobster would cost? I’d settle for a 1 pounder. Already cooked by someone else, of-hypocritically-course.