Featured Project

  • Alter Brooklyn Project

    Type: Custom Web Store Theme Hosted by: LightSpeed Start date: 04/04/2011 Finish date: 04/23/2011

    Link: http://shop.alterbrooklyn.com/index.php

    • Project Goal: Make Web Store As Cool As Alter

    • Product list is not shown on landing page
    • Breadcrumbs are hidden on landing page
    • Updated: Slide Show Panels (content via RSS feeds from Blogspot/Blogger)
    • Client uses blog to publish content to their Web store home page
    new alter custom web store landing page with slideshow
  • Bluefish Clothing

    Start date: Finish date: 09/18/2012

    • Project Goal: Convert online store to WordPress & LightSpeed Webstore

    • I actually developed this site a while ago.
    • My 1st project with a company that had a really loyal following of their brand.
    • It was a big responsibility to remake the site on a completely new platform and keep it easy to use for the customer base.
    • And while planning the information architecture, I also had to make sure the backend was as easy as possible to use to update and add new content – it was WordPress made that a possibility.
    Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 7.05.04 AM
  • Lake Boutique

    Start date: 10/12/2011 Finish date: 01/27/2012

    • Product Details custom highlights

    • Quantity box
    • Some products are phone order only – we used keywords to hide the add to cart button if it’s a phone order item
    • Related products module is unrecognizable from the default ( which is the product scroller)
    lb product details page