Trying to login to Magento 2 dashboard but get stuck on “It’s Time To Change Your Password” page

Just another little treat thrown at us today. I tried to login and got stuck on the It’s time to update your password page. I updated my password, logged out, cleared cache, cleared cookies, logged back in, tried changing the password again. Blah! Still stuck on that darned page.

This problem is documented in the magento2 github repository of course but none of the suggested fixes helped me. I’m special that way!

So I couldn’t get into the dashboard. But I could get into phpmyadmin and because this was the dev Magento site I felt real relaxed about poking at the tables.

Hold up! If you have the same issue and you Googled it right you’d land here and if you are really lucky one of the suggested fixes will help you fix it. But if they do not help you and you are stuck on the It’s time to update your password page, try  what I did.

Login to phpmyadmin or whatever db tool you use. Locate the admin_users table and note your user_id number. Then go to the “admin_passwords” table. You will see there is a row for Expires. That seemed suspiciously like a place I could extend the expiration of my password. For some reason each user_id has 2 password_ids. Don’t ask me why.

What we want to do here is edit the number under Expires.

My Expires number was something like 1569633535. I changed it to 1969633535 for both of the password_ids that were listed for my user_id. I could then login and go to other places in the Magento admin.

Hope this helps.