A Brooklyn Mystery

One early weekend morning not too long ago, I forced the mans to walk with me to Trader Joe’s. Upon approaching the former bank building we saw a horrifying sight! Masses of people were lined up all the way to the new (ish) Urban Outfitters! And here I thought I had been so clever making an early run to the usually afternoon-thronged store as most TJ shoppers are lazy curs who all seem to want to shop the same times as I do. How dare they. TJs should sell memberships for private shopping hours so that the very very delicate should not have to suffer the propinquity of the hoi polloi.

Getting across the street we noticed that the long line of patient wait-ers were not interested in gaining access to Trader Joe’s at all. What they wanted was in the middle of the street, down a manhole. What was down there? I’d heard of urban spelunking, perhaps that was what it was all about? But the people in the line did not look especially rugged or risk-takey and the urban spelunkers crowd I’d seen a photograph of seem intensely rugged and risk-takey.

A Mystery no longer.
What they all wanted was a tour of the old Atlantic Avenue Subway.
If you want to know more go here.
And if you do not want to have to get in a small hole to see something old go here

I have done my job.