Revised File For Fake Grid View

how to get grid view wordpress shopping cart
a shop page suing my fake Grid View:

Very happy to report that you can still “fake” Grid View in Posts/Pages using version 3.12.6 of the WordPress Shopping Cart as the paid for Grid View Module. Most times upgrading a plugin will mean I will have to work very hard to re create the desired effects with the new code. But this time I caught a break and the changes were minimal.

CSS for Grid View-esque Styled Shop Pages in Posts or Pages
These are my suggested styles. You can do what you like just remember that float:left is the main element of Grid View.

/*makes sure things look ok in IE and floats don’t get wonky*/

/Product title. !important will override link styling */
.homepage_products a.wpsc_product_title{color:#000!important;font:bold 11px arial!important}

/*adjust widths and heights to fit your product thumbnail */
/* Add padding for more “air” in the boxes, add a border or background color,too. Go crazy!*/
.homepage_products .category_view_product{position:relative;width:155px;height:350px;float:left;margin:8px 8px 2px 6px;}

Download homepage_products_functions.php
*Note* This file was edited April 21st,2009 to correct a validity issue.
Home Page Products Functions PHP (1502)
FTP to your WordPress Shopping Cart plugin folder and rename the current file: homepage_products_functions_old.php,
if there is a disastrous error you can delete my file and rename the other one, no harm done.
Then upload the edited file, tweak your stylesheet and enjoy!

HTTPS for the Checkout Page in WordPress Ecommerce

Using this plugin Admin-SSL.
Don’t be surprised if you can’t find this plugin’s config page. It gets installed in the Plugins menu after you activate it. You can switch it to be in the Settings menu but after you find it! Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know but whatever this plugin works!

Securing the Checkout Page
Go to wordpress folder/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=admin-ssl-config.
Use the Additional URLs box to put in the your order/checkout page. If you aren’t using(or can’t) use permalinks your URL might look like this: ?page_id=12. Except it won’t be 12, it will be the number id that your order/checkout page is. I was so used to being able to use custom permalinks that I was a bit lost when faced with what part of the URL goes there when I came across another server that had not set up mod_rewrite properly.

You can also change the location of your shoppingcart URL to https in Ecommerce>>Settings>>Admin but you will still need this plugin to convert all the URLs to https otherwise your little lock icon will be broken and the addressbar will not turn blue or green if you have spent the big $$$ for an extended SSL. These days online shoppers are warned over and over not to submit credit card numbers on non secure websites. So even if you have purchased and installed your own private SSL certificate and your web page is secure it won’t look like it with a broken lock icon!

I tried using the https-for-wordpress plugin – but you could remove the “s” and still view the order page. Admin-SSL will redirect back to https no matter what and only yhe pages you want to use https will use https. Even though any file or link URL in the document or on the page are auto converted to https, once a site visitor follows any of these links they are redirected back to http. Https-for-wordpress also was not able to convert every link from http to https, namely some files called by plugins in the header theme file.

You can translate trust into sales so it’s a good idea to spring for a proper SSL certificate if you plan on collecting CC numbers anywhere on your site.
The author of this plugin says it can be used for Shared SSL as well.

WP Post Revisions&WP-Ecommerce

wpsc, an abbreviation of wp-shoppingcart, a plugin for WordPress.
Post Revisions Buggy-ness & WP-Shoppingcart plugin
Most people get nervous when it comes to mySQL database tables.So I was glad to find a way to fix this bug without having to use phpmyadmin.

After I upgraded to WP 2.6 and upgraded the wpsc cart plugin to version 3.6.8 I noticed that revision-71 was being inserted into my single product urls. 71 being the id of the edited page.
This bug also happened with WP 2.6 and wp-shoppingcart 3.6.7.It only happened to pages containing wpsc short code:
[shoppingcart ] [productspage ] [tranactionresults ] [userlog ]

I did some forum searching and found this plugin by Jeremy Clark.
Re creating the bug was easy enough to do. All I had to do was deactivate the disable posts revisions plugin and edit a wpsc page. Voila: revision-pageid reappeared in the single product urls all over again.

** Note**
I’m actually using this plugin: Disable Revisions and Autosave
Description: Disable the Revisions and Autosave functions. Original idea and code by Lester Chan and Untwisted Vortex. But Jeremy’s does the same thing. Use either one.

I re activated the plugin and deleted the product listing page. I created a new page, pasting the productspage shortcode into it. Then I checked the Admin in Settings and noticed that not only the product listing page link was messed up-the Verify Your Order link was also messed up, because I had edited that page as well after I deactivated the disable post revisions plugin.

Fixing stuff
Get this plugin
Test for whether or not you can just activate this plugin to get rid of the bug without having to delete the page containing some shortcode.If this fixes the bug you don’t need to delete pages.
If the problem still exists delete the page,copy the short code into the new one and publish it.
Check Admin in Settings in Ecommerce to see if your page urls are correct.
If they contain revision-pageid, correct the url and hit Update Page Urls.
Reload the Admin page in Settings>Ecommerce to make sure the corrected link(s) “stick”.
To make absolutely sure this is fixed go back and edit a page containing wpsc short code (just hit save).Then view the page and see if the single product links work.