Tasty Burgers

Bob's Big Boy
They were better than Bob's Big Boy
I made this recipe up as I went along. My boyfriend ate them all and he said they were the best burgers he’d had in about 10 years. But then not to be too complimentary or anything he added “but maybe that was just because I was really hungry”.

I started with regular ground beef from Fresh Direct, not lean or sirloin-just chuck and less than a pound. You can use more but the more meat you use the more garlic and onion and spices you’ll need.This was one of those days were I just did not want to go to the market so I fished out whatever I had in the fridge…so don’t feel trapped by my measurements and amounts-they’re just a guideline.

I got out a big bowl and dumped the block of beef in then I added Italian seasoned breadcrumbs,2 eggs,liberal Worcestershire sauce,salt,pepper,chopped half of a red onion and 2 cloves of garlic,minced,fresh tarragon (about 4 leaves,snipped up with scissors) and a generous amount of olive oil to help in getting the beef to blend with the other ingredients. I used half a cup of breadcrumbs and the 2 eggs as an extender because A. can eat a lot and the package of meat was small.

I energetically mixed it all up with a fork.As I was mixing I added a splash more olive oil and a dash more breadcrumbs.Then I slapped the mixture into medium sized balls and plopped them in a hot pan.
I sliced some Swiss cheese and placed them on top.The burgers fried for about 5 minutes on the meat side and 1 minute on the the cheesy side.Then I turned on my toaster oven and scooped the hamburgers into a pan and let them cook at a lowish heat(300 degrees) about 15 to 25 minutes.

Because I used a small amount of beef the patties were more like large meatballs and this amount of cooking time ought to be enough for even those who fear undercooked burger meat.I too read Fast Food Nation.I also treat ground beef like it is a radioactive substance.This is why I feel better about buying antibiotic-free or free range or organic when our budget allows.

Additional ingredients
Fancy rolls,sliced tomatoes and lettuce leaves.