Ubiquitous Grunge Photoshop Brush Pack

Download Here » Some Grunge Bits (1450)

Download Includes:

  • 1 Photoshop Brush of a Ubiquitously Grungey Piece of Tape
  • 1 Photoshop Brush of a Ubiquitously Tattered Piece of Notepaper
  • 2 Photoshop Brushes of Odd Little Flourishes (what do you call them?) * warning * use the eraser on the annoying lines that form if using more than 50% opacity.
  • 1 Photoshop Brush of a Grunge Sploogey Thing (for usage with the Eraser set to some level of Transparency to Impart that Grunge Feel on Background Layers)
  • 1 Photoshop Brush of a Extremely Excellent Horizontal Bar with Scratchiness and Blurriness built right in!
  • 3 .PSD Files Admirably Executed for Example Usage

Big Ugly Buttons

I was attempting to create an eye catching yet subtle button for a site. It was getting boring. To amuse myself, I made some honking large ugly buttons. I’m including the big-ugly-psd (1174) in case you love big ugly buttons enough to want these. Right click to save or you’ll get a page of strange and cryptic characters. I guess I should have put it in a zip file…Added new uglies but no.13 to 17 aren’t that hideous.

Ohh Pen Tool

Last night I spent a pathetic 2 hours trying to follow a simple tutorial from SitePoint on using the pen tool to make these really deceptively simple looking curved shapes.Simple? Not hardly. But I will get it.I hope.One day.