Adobe PDF files

How many times has this happened to me? I should know by now that clicking links on the internetty can sometimes lead to the evil PDF. I downloaded and unzipped,unpacked and set up my own Adobe from some open source freebie I got from Limewire of all places.Needless to say the set up is wonky.Sometimes the program works, sometimes it crashes my Firefox and I have to open Firefox all over again. In the scheme of things it isn’t such a bad deal as I can still read PDF files if I want to. The keywords being if I want to- not if I am forced into it, unprepared for the long loading time my Adobe takes.Yes,I usually don’t want to wait for Adobe to haul its ass out of the regions of hell to show me some totally useless bit of information that I didn’t want to see,anyway.I clicked your link because I thought I was going to see some innocent .jpeg file,hear? The bigger your pdf the longer it takes to load,duh.
If you must use the laborious creature to present your crap,do me a favor and warn me! It’s the least you can do.And: maybe some folks don’t have Adobe set up at all! No! But it’s true…So you just put a little (pdf) hint next to the link and we’ll all be happy. Or at least I will be.

Wither Thou,Thickbox?

I can’t get ThickBox to run on this new site I’m working on. I know it’s my thickheadedness in figuring out the path(I have a mental block with paths)to the script,but why then am I able to do anything else?

Why am I able to get greybox and lightbox to work?

I’m trying to make something rather small like a minigallery for this new site but even though thickbox woulda been awesome-no luck.

More CMS Love

I told you I’ve been collecting and testing out various CMS’s and trying them out on 2 different server environments,right?

First, for that special little challenge of nothing working-I load it up to my dad’s host and start opening every script file included in the package and looking for session_start(); which means I then have to paste into every page that uses
session_start(); my session save path.This path is to an actual folder that will record and stash every blasted session id that gets generated by the script!This means that every once and awhile I have to delete that folder or it will bloat up to a million stored ids.Awesome!

When I’ve gotten that bit out of the way, I then try to get the CMS to do what it’s supposed to do:make php pages(I use php powered CMs’s because me likey). By “make” I mean create the page.
By “doing what it’s supposed to do”,too, I mean let me edit stuff in a created page and let me upload images and store the damn things to a folder the script makes for me.

Ideally things will go, unideally they won’t or the image upload won’t work.Or I won’t be able to figure out the correct path to something.
I have tried out and successfully ran the following CMS applications:

  • Doop
  • dokuwiki
  • daily
  • Pagemanager
  • Siteman
  • EditThisPage
  • fancy
  • cutenews
  • editPoints

I have failed at the following:

  • justVisual
  • LemonCms
  • cmssimple
  • modx
  • moodle
  • phpcms
  • spaw

I mentioned that I loaded these for the most part only to my dad’s retarded host.
Purehost runs php v. 4.3.0 with gdlibrary one.
They trust nobody so there are many built in restrictions and for the most part you’ve got to be pretty tenacious to get anything more complicated than a contact form to work.
You do not have access to php ini so there goes a lot of options right there.You can’t use gd library 2 functions so there also go even more options.You can’t even have a mysql database connection because this is really only for Purehost’s unix platform customers…although they will happily set one up for you
and charge you 5 bucks a month for the priviledge,too.Outside database connections also won’t fly(I of course tried this first).
In short Purehost has a very hostile environment to work within.
And all that session id saving is so backward-I can’t even begin to tell you by how much.

For that added touch of sheer frustration,any package I run will take forever to load.By forever I mean slower than dialing up an mp3 file.This usually means your save_path folder is bloated but it doesn’t always mean this and so you just have to close the page or close the browser and wait.

And since I am also designing web pages, this lull in waiting to see my results after closing the editing window can drive me so crazy I end up yelling obscenities and just shutting my project down.

I know that the culprit is Purehost and not my P.C. because I have been able to try out 3 different hosts besides Purehost and the wait time is negligible, comparatively.Meaning that for instance the exact same blog as this one on Purehost that I set up for my dad takes more than 5 minutes to appear.This one takes a fraction of a second, thanks
Even my rinky-dink angelfire site comes up instantly–all html and javascript no php allowed.
I guess the purpose of this blog is to let you know that before you badmouth a particular tool or application and tell everyone it doesn’t work-make sure you have tried to run it on at least one other host first.

I listed above all the cms that worked but I left out the rich text editors tinymce and fckeditor because technically you are suppoed to be able to turn any text area into an editor, but I was looking for something really a lot simpler.Basically I just wanted image uploading/ &page-management/creation/deletion but fckeditor is so heavy and so is tinymce- I loaded them but was afraid of them!so I didn’t use them.Fckedito’rs flaw for me was the abilty to save the page you made–I couldn’t figure it out! I’m not giving up on tiny mce-it’s got a lot of cool functions I just need to spend time finding out about all of them.

I’m not a total dullard as I was able to turn a text area into a tiny mce editing point–but that was as far as I got with it.