Still making those lame mistakes in CSS and HTML

I think the best way to to keep learning is to not be afraid of making a mistake.
I was never that happy with the footer of a certain page design so I just spent about half an hour switching style sheets or combining style sheets to see what would look nicer.
The footer hopped about,up or down and then when I added a style sheet, the pages became so short that the content ran off it far down below the footer.
oops.The style sheet I added had a container division height xxpx attribute that worked for the specific page for which it was written, but had very bad results for the page on which I was currently fucking up.
The truth is that even after all this time working with CSS&HTML I still make mistakes.
But I don’t mind it because it forces me to keep learning and figuring things out by trying out a lot of different solutions. My last project forced me to try for the 1st time the float: left or right and also clear: both.The float is really good for images and text and if you get the margins and padding right it looks even better.

Currently I am no longer as satisfied with this page’s design as I was,once. Now to me the sidebar containing all the links looks too wide,too dark and doesn’t look that nice where it’s positioned.
Clearly it’s back to the drawing board.
If you must know what I’m talking about go to the Stone Street Press link on this page.

Many Many Downloads

I haven’t done much else lately besides download opensource files.
So far, I seem to have a 50 50 chance of getting an app to work…I’m using my dad’s site host filemanager to hold all the files and folders of my tests.
I uploaded TinyMCE ,the wysiswyg html editor.I uploaded fkdEditor a bigger editor.
I uploaded a few CMS applications,too.Some CMS’s are flatfiled so no Mysql(ick!)
I even tried out CuteNews–it’s cute alright.
I sigh at myself.I am way too into this web stuff.My boyfriend can’t pry me off the computer, not even with food or sex.
The hours zip by.I sleep badly.
I guess I’m addicted.And very jealous of people who get paid for this.
I did get paid (well the check is in the mail, hello freelancing) for stripping the tables from some code and replacing them with stylesheets& divs.
The site is a guy’s who does that SEO stuff and his pages are covered up by google adsense. I actually told him off for it.Then I saw that’s what he’s into.I felt a little dumb.

I was determined to let the page be liquid but in the long run had to add the absolute positioning technique.
He wanted to see if the divs would be better for robots or spiders.That’s what I think anyway-he never really came out and said so.
So why am I downloading so much stuff?
Because (sigh at myself again) I offered to do up a site for a man who posted an ad on Craigslist, wanting a five page site for his store.I was totally qualified off the bat-hadn’t I just done over
Which was a much bigger project.More pages, tons of tables, tons of fretting about what my dad would think.
A little joke: I only a couple of days ago got the footer of each page in the right place! I slacked with the footer…positioned the divs wrong-so they were really wonky on some of the deeper pages.
I answered the ad and he wrote back with some links and a link to a site he liked.
I checked out the existant site–the design and layout’s pretty dismal– though the products seem cool.Buddha statues,jewelry, yoga stuff, that kind of thing.
But it has that out of the box look and that dreadful papyrus looking background which to me looks very dated.
But I felt up to making him a prettier and more hip 5 page site …until he mentioned this content management system he has.I knew instantly this mean PHP, possibly Mysql,too.
Mostly php and mysql go hand in hand so you can’t get much else.I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if I just came out and told him I’m a noob with both.I can’t even get my free database to work with wordpress.I told him I didn’t know mysql.I haven’t heard back from him since and considering it took him a week to respond to my response to his ad…we’ll see.
But that was why I was beating my brains out finding content adders or site builders that weren’t mysql’d…There’s actually quite a lot of free stuff using flat file databasing out there.(I got the best results with a google search of flatfile+ database because mysql+ is+ evil didn’t return much that was useful)

Does what it says it will do.

This job of getting a good gallery for my dad’s site hasn’t been easy.
I wanted a lot and I wanted it for free. I’m spoiled like that.
I wanted file uploads. I wanted simple beauty in CSS.
I wanted a super easy user interface. I wanted my script(er, not mine, really)
to work like it could read my mind.I wanted automatic thumbnail generation.
I wanted it all.
I tested out so many scripts/applications/packages-whathaveyou.I did not want to deal with mysqyl.So that cut me into a smaller category. But there were still a lot of gallery packages to choose from in that smaller category…
I tried singapore.
I tried simplephpgallery v.this and that.
I tried minishow whatever it’s called.
Singapore needs mysql or sql but it doesn’t come right out and say so so you waste a bit of time right there.
It wasn’t until I fifnally came across

“MG2 – a FREE and easy to use PHP image gallery script”

visit their site by clicky
ohhh man it is dreamy!

visit the gallery

First: it works, no errors in the scripts.
Second: it is small so it doesn’t use a ton of discspace(but you will once you upload image files to it) so the package won’t eat up tons of room.
Third:you don’t have to do any configuration*!
I mean that is unheard of.
I had an error (I uploaded a badly named img file) so I scurried to the forum and was wondering why there weren’t any folks reporting errors or problems with the installation–??
Because there aren’t any!
This gallery package is awesomely true to it’s word.
Set up in minutes and instantly have a cooler than shit gallery on line.
* note I did actually have to scan all the functions type files for any session_starts.I have to put a session_save_path before any session starts.
But this doesn’t mean you will have to do this,too.It’s my dad’s host, Purehost that has php set up that way.For security I guess.
Oh and also it has a walk you through it installation that starts up automatically.I have never had so much easyness and speed and functionality.
And it’s free!
I know-I already said that.