How to TIP: Customizing Xsilva Lightspeed Web Store

If you’re given the assignment to customize Web Store you might start out with the feeling that you are limited in what you can do as far as Web Store’s templating system goes.
We all know by now that each tpl.php in each template package – Deluxe or Framework – is included by one main file: index.tpl.php. That means that this file runs the whole show for every section of the online store. This means that if you add a block to index.tpl.php and you don’t know how to use PHP to hide it and you don’t want it to show on every section, it will.

Luckily, we can use the unique form ID that Web Store creates for Categories, Products, Cart and Checkout and more.
Because the form element that generates a unique ID is listed in the document right after the body element we can use it like we would use a unique id or class in the body element.

  • List of XLSWS Form IDs:

  • #xlsws_product = a single product details page
  • #xlsws_category = a single category page
  • #xlsws_cart = the edit cart page
  • #xlsws_checkout = the checkout page
  • #xlsws_gregistry = a single wishlist page
  • #xlsws_myaccount = an account page
  • #xlsws_custom_page = a single custom page
  • #xlsws_sitemap = the site map page
  • #xlsws_contact_us = the contact us page

Practical application:

Say you’ve got a block of content and you added it to index.tpl.php but for whatever reason you don’t want this content to show on a single product details page.

You could add this to webstore.css

#xlsws_product  #block-you-dont-want-toshow {display:none;}

Try it out for yourself & good luck with all your projects!

One thought on “How to TIP: Customizing Xsilva Lightspeed Web Store”

  1. Hello from New Zealand Mccormicky, i have been appreciating your site and the good knowledge you are sharing through it.

    i have also been trying very hard to follow your ‘adding a facebook like button to webstore product details pages’ tutorial…

    for whatever reason, because it was well written, I cannot manage to get it to work!

    i have a (decent) proposition for you…if you were interested in helping me out at all to get this to work id be happy to swap your help for something from our store. check it out
    you might dig some of the nz/aus fashion styles we sell.

    hope you can find the time.


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