My New Issue: Falling in Public

Yesterday I went to meet a potential new client with a work colleague and felt so grownup for not wearing ripped jeans and being 15 minutes early instead of 15 minutes late as usual. Thank you taxi cab driver for picking me up on Park or it would not have happened. The meeting went well. My colleague did most of the talking which is probably why. When it was time to get up to leave I fell down. I still do not know why. I was not drunk and I don’t have an inner ear infection.

Another incident took place near my house while walking Bozzio and Luna, a largeish female Akita. Luna decided she had had enough of the stop and chat with Bliss’ owner (Bliss and her owner saw the whole thing) and yanked me off my feet to try to get to the park a bit faster. I fell and fell on Bozzio’s leash and we both tumbled around on the ground for awhile and Bozzio squeaked so I know I bashed him pretty hard. I got up and of course I’d ripped my jeans and had a nice cut on my knee. My palms felt pretty good, too. And then I felt awful for hurting Bozzio. I didn’t care about hurting myself. Poor Bozzio.

Then there is one more incident. Less fancy but possibly interesting because it might have been the beginning of the trend. Again, walking Bozzio but wearing my Kork Ease wedges, unusual footwear for dog walking, I stepped onto either a pebble or twig the wrong way and went down, stupid shoes. Of course there were about 60 people waiting for the bus who saw me. It is much more awful to fall where lots of people can see you. But of course falling in complete privacy can’t always be arranged.