Experiment: Unique, Quality Content instead of SEO

For years SEO tricks made it possible for a completely useless web site to beat out a useful Web site because they were cleverer with SEO (whitehat, greyhat or blackhat) mastery. Not surprisingly masters of SEO did not necessarily help the searching public get to the content that they were actually looking for. Consider also that knowing SEO to this extent became a business in and of itself. What if they had been delivering relevant content instead of SEO, all along?

Why not try crafting your content with the same ingenuity you drew from to create such a unique product or service? Wasn’t this product or service the reason you needed a Web site in the first place? So why aren’t you writing about it in your own voice using your own words?

  • Even if you didn’t personally create the product you must like it or you wouldn’t be trying to sell it.
  • Even if it is just a popular item so that is why you’re selling it there are ways to present it and write about it that no one else is using.
  • Fact: most people reselling online copy the same product images and description text from the same wholesaler Web site or from each other.
  • Fact: being lazy with your product images and descriptions is going to translate online.

With digital cameras being as affordable and taking as high quality photos as they are capable of now, there is absolutely no excuse to re use product images from the wholesaler.
And as far as writing copy for the product description you don’t have to be Jonathan Franzen, just be natural. Try to use correct grammar and sentence structure and above all use SpellCheck! I do not care if you are the worst speller in the world – misspelled words should never make it into your product descriptions.