Random Things of Possible Interest to a Few People

This might be my first link round up. I can see the appeal of a link round up. But I prefer to rattle on endlessly about some boring subject until your eyes cross.

If you sell things online:
Don’t “give your customers a reason not to buy“.

NYC Parties
See pictures of the parties you couldn’t go to because you are too insert appropriate adjective here to go out anymore.

This is very name droppy of me
I met this actress when her mom started dating the middle son of my grandmother’s late husband. She was 16 at the time I think. The actress, not her mom. That would have been strange.

15 Books You Must Read in 2010
http://www.good.is/post/the-15-books-you-must-read-in-2010/. If you don’t read these books you will not have read them, then where will you be?