3 New Ecommerce Designs

About a month ago we relaunched Chillyo.com with a new design – while I was working on it Nsha Club approached me about a new design for their site. I have to admit it I love designing Ecommerce websites. And I really love it when I am allowed to use my 2 favorite tools: WordPress and WordPress E-Commerce. Because I know how to use both tools pretty well by now, I am able to say to a client “I can do that, I can make that happen”.

I also designed a new site for an online Indian grocery using Lightspeed Webstore which went very well (and fast!) only 8 days from start day 1 to finish day which was today.
The client, India Stop Shop loved everything I did and if you’re in the same racket as me you’ll know that doesn’t happen all that often.