Is Your WordPress Theme Threaded-Comments-Enabled?


Threaded comments make it possible for your readers to start (or end) conversations with each other. Either way, it’s a cool feature to have.

Check your theme’s header.php file for a line of code that looks like this (should be before the body tag):

<?php if ( is_singular() ) wp_enqueue_script( 'comment-reply' ); ?>

If it isn’t there paste it in and save the file changes.

Then go to Settings>> Discussion and select the option to turn on threaded (nested) comments.

More options for threaded comments:

  • Break comments into pages with [15] comments per page and the [first] [last] page displayed by default.
  • Comments should be displayed with the [older] [newer] comments at the top of each page.

Please ONLY attempt the next steps if you are comfortable using FTP or your Control Panel File-Manager and editing theme files. And always back up.

  • Grab the latest comments.php file from WP 2.8+ /wp-content/themes/default.
  • Copy and Paste your theme’s comments CSS into a text file.
  • Open the Default theme style.css, Copy everything related to comments and Paste into your theme’s style.css.
  • Use your theme’s comments CSS as a reference for colors and borders,etc so the comments style will match your theme.

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