10 Minute Vegan-Friendly Pasta Salad

I’m sorry I don’t have a picture but they ate it before I could take one.

To provide something for our vegan dinner guest I had to whip up an extra entree for this dairy and meat avoider.
Anyone with either religious,moral and ethical food rules or food allergies must be respected and careful pains must be taken not to feed them bacon cheeseburgers. Actually it is quite easy not to accidentally feed someone a bacon cheeseburger because these don’t just fall in the food as you are preparing it. Believe it or not!

We don’t have many dietary requirements around here. Our problems are usually that one bar of chocolate is not as good as 2 bars of chocolate and why cook 3 Rib eyes when you can cook 4. I would normally add Pancetta or ham with along with a bit of Parmesan, Asiago & Romano to this pasta salad. If you really have to have “cheese” you could try to find some sort of non cheese soy based extrusion. It’s a mystery how they get along, these vegans. I suspect they eat a lot Quinoa, Bean Curd and Tofu but I didn’t have any lying around. And “cheese” ? I draw the line!

1 Shallot,chopped fine
2 Scallions,chopped
1 sprig of Basil, chopped
Many ripe Cherry Tomatoes, cut in half
Garlic powder (one dash) or fresh garlic – one clove, chopped fine.
Salt and pepper
Olive Oil
1 box of pasta, any kind really, even spaghetti.

I used Barilla Medium Shells because that is what I had, cooked al dente (not a pile of mush) about 6 to 7 or 8 minutes,depending. Please remember to add a generous amount of salt to the water for the pasta before you bring it to a boil. Salt in the pasta water makes a huge difference.

Once the pasta has cooked drain it and add to a large bowl and immediately add the other ingredients while the pasta is hot.
This will make them “cook” a little with the heat of the pasta and bring out more of their flavors.
Refrigerate for 1 hour.

It isn’t what I would call a complete entree and I don’t think it would sustain a hearty eater but it makes a tasty side dish and I will definitely make this again even when there aren’t any attending vegans.