Time to Move

I know I said just over week ago I wouldn’t switch blogging tools.But I have to.Why? Because there just isn’t a reason to stay with the one I have when I can have a WordPress blog.It’s safe to say I knew I’d outgrown my SimplePHPBlog when the gallery plugin I tried to use (there was just one to choose from) said I had to have the GD Library installed for it to work. I do.I tried to convince it but no luck.

Also, all my session id’s attached themselves to every link. Security risk.I think.I’ve read it isn’t so great,anyway.

WP is just so freaking handy.There’s so much support,it’s rabidly developed and so many people are obsessed with it.So if there was ever any problem I could find out how to fix it spit spot because 300 other people have already had and fixed the exact same problem.

I am going to retire this blog as soon as I get all my content switched to the new blog.

Don’t worry, you’ll be sure to see me and my big mouth back in action super soon.

Geekery For The Week

I’ve been trying out WordPress to set up a friend’s online art gallery.

But I just kept getting stuck on the same thing over and over.Because I am no WP genius my options are to look for a theme that resembles what I want.I do not like to use themes.But with WP it’s different because a theme isn’t just a design,it’s widget-ready and set up with all the correct WP “hooks”.I don’t quite yet know what all of these are so to fast-track my last job(my client had a short build time)I just heavily converted a premade theme. Now that I have the luxury of time I have considered making my own theme for my friend’s artwork…but I dunno.Seems like a lot of fiddling about when I could just load up a PHP script or 2.

Is it worth it in order to have the WP community and all the cool plugins and etc to turn to? If this were a site for a friend who meant to actually use her site then it would be worth it.But all she wants is her art online.That’s it.Just a place to send folks to see her work.She isn’t going to blog.She probably won’t want comments.I don’t want her art pages to have comments.
I will just have to think about it.

Working on a WordPress Customization

I was hired by this NYU student to make him a site so he could have a question and answers website.His original idea was a vlog site although he didn’t know that this was a well known and well used option for blogging.Video blogging isn’t that new,after all.

I had been using WordPress as a cms for a little while at the time and wasn’t nearly enough knowledgeable about themes as I wanted to be. Nevertheless I knew enough and had picked apart a free theme and decided to go from there.The theme was life-is-a-byte and funnily enough was a revision of another theme by n.designstudios(I think).

Being hired by a young man in his 20’s was kind of a kick.
I thought all you 20 year old guys were computer programmers from birth.
–And I also assumed this was going to be an easy do- it- in- your- sleep job.It wasn’t in the end – my client was (as well he should be) very picky about his theme.The mistake was my thinking it was going to be a breeze. Humility.
This particular job required a lot of graphic design and the use of photoimaging software.I ended up resketching his banner image avatar by hand and then scanning it into my imaging program and futzing with it until he liked it. I used photographs from his site and sketched him by eye then compared that sketch with the drawing he gave me when we met up.I could’ve just used the drawing he gave me but the site looked slick and the sketch wasn’t slick enough-it didn’t match.
There is a touch of the school marm about me.He wanted to learn how to make style revisions himself but didn’t know css or html.And since I wanted to use the site in my portfolio I was concerned he would break the xhtml of the templates if he got too crazy.I preached a lot about the use of html for lists when you weren’t actually making a list and the overuse of the strong tag.I made a template for his answers posts in the end.He’s been good about using it so at least all his written posts look the same.Oh-in the end he liked the immediacy of written posts over video posts.But I wish he would use more video posts because there are a zillion blog blogs and not as many video blogs and the internet could use the variety.

As it is the theme isn’t valid xhtml because of the plugin for collapsing categories which generates really bad html. I managed to cut the errors down to about 5 or 6 but as we all know if it ain’t valid it ain’t valid.But the clicking open of the cats was really important to him and since I don’t know javascript I’m stuck using that plugin(from dragonflyeye.com)