Pownce is Shutting Down

If any website like Pownce or Twitter relied on me to keep going they would all close down.Enough already.That said, I sympathize.But seriously when will this particular bubble burst and my friends who know my cell number and real email address will stop myspace commenting me or facebooking me or twittering at me? My real friends!People I actually know prefer to leave messages on a website I rarely visit rather than pick up the phone and call me.My friends kind of suck. The sad thing is we are all around the same age (in our 30’s) so they can’t blame it on the influence of the kids.

Is being a designer like being a contractor?

Well, no because one still doesn’t need to have a license in order to be a working web designer.
But the comparison came to me while I was watching a home improvement show called Holmes on Homes where Mr.Holmes comes in and repairs the shoddy work of contractors who have basically skipped town with the money.
He usually has to tear down walls and rip up floors to get to the problem and he always seems to find bad plumbing,insulation and wiring.This particular episode showed a beautiful home,beautiful in every way cosmetically but underneath the gorgeous framework was a total nightmare.
Of course a home is a much more important thing than a website.
Bad/faulty wiring can kill,which is why contractors must have permits and licenses and their work must be inspected and pass code.
Your badly/outdated coded website will not kill you and may look great on the surface and depending on what you need it to do it might not need to be coded to standards anyway.
But when I’m asked to work on a website that wasn’t built to my standards I sort of feel like that exacting contractor who has nothing but contempt for the other worker and empathy for the ripped off client. In my case however, the client has no idea they’ve been ripped off and I have to be tactful when I explain how I’d like to proceed.I don’t always succeed in being tactful.

There are rules and standards and ethics involved in designing a website for me even though apparently there needen’t be any at all,I’m not held to any work ethic other than the one I make for myself.
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