Wow I’m stupid.

I offered to do-over this guy’s website for free.
It was sort of a challenge because he had millions of google ads-almost all his content was ads.
I made him a standard html page with external css file.He wanted the no tables thing,all css instead.
I don’t care what people say about tables.They are useful.But they are annoying.With css you can at least have more flexibility.
We hear all the time from css snobs that tables are so 2004, but the real problem with them is they make your layout so rigid.

Ok, so Before is what his site really looks like right now. I stopped at the after even though I wanted to find a way to make the body narrower.But hey I’m working for free and he probably won’t use it and all because I told him he had way too many ads on his page…ha 🙂

*note* I made another page. The 1st was too wide.
I had to move my example files to another directory on my projects site.
Marios ended up more fully explaining to me what he wanted which was an exact replica of his site done with CSS and nixing the tables…It was a SEO project.
His page can be seen here.The design is his.I just did the coding.I did do the menu,at least he let me redesign that!
These examples that Marios rejected can be seen here



Because this job had to be done very very fast I “borrowed” heavily to make those pages…