Lightspeed Tech Support Sends Me a Web Store 2.1.1 Bug Report Confirmation

On Fri, Sep 16, 2011 at 10:31 AM, LightSpeed Support wrote:

[edited] the information about the bug and the fix are all public information. When Web Store was converted to “open source”, we moved all the development including issue tracking to, a huge and public development site for hosting code. It includes an issue tracker where we post the bugs (or they are reported by clients), and also you can see when the item was fixed and exactly what changes were made in the code.

The issue is listed here:

You can see it was posted on August 25th by Jonathan Serafini and the fix was posted that day. The technical details on the fix is located at

I need to clarify that fixes are put in a “beta” version of the software for further testing and then released to the public later, we never recommend running beta software on a product site. I say this to make sure [edited] doesn’t get confused that it was “fixed” on the 25th. It’s all about the release date. We modified the “release” branch yesterday, which you can see here and that’s my username ktwbc attached. This change along with others are part of 2.1.2 which we are releasing today.

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Kris White
Support Specialist